Our Story


Venice Beach, California 2014: Two guys walk into Gold's Gym - one French the other Irish. While trying to understand each other through seriously heavy accents, a couple of 200 lb dumbells (we don't mean us) and lots of trash talking, they became fast friends. They discovered a shared passion for great style, facial hair and more importantly great, great food. Being on the other side of 40, eating well & staying shredded - not so easy.

Enter The Beardy Boys!

A company created on the premise that you can keep pushing weights, living clean and eating great. Simple ingredients. Locally sourced. Always organic.


Who are The Beardy Boys?

Gavan Murphy, the Irish one, trained as a chef in Ireland at the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery school where his passion for using organic wholesome ingredients originated. Los Angeles, being the Mecca of health and fitness (as seen in Gold's gym), was the perfect destination to continue his career in healthy cooking. With 23 years of cooking in his genes it's no wonder food and fashion were about to collide.... 

Nico Peyrache, not the Irish one. Hailing from the south of France, Nico has always had a passion for perfectly designed, handmade, expertly crafted products. After spending 25 years designing some of the best jeans you've ever worn, his next career choice was obviously to start a food business. Not so far fetched really.

Good Food for Good People.