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This is honestly the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. Thank you so much. I’d love to support you guys.
— @kalejunkie (Via Instagram)

I love you guys, seriously my favorite nut butter hands down.
— @samjowa (Via Instagram)

This stuff is crack.
— @jillsalama (Via Instagram)

OMG, so crunchy & delicious.
— @xxrlilly (Via Instagram)

I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE the Pecan Smash. So amazing!!! I was going to share it with a friend but now that’s not happening. 😆 Can’t wait to use it in some fun recipes! Thanks guys!
— @daydreamworkshop (Via Instagram)

Thank you for making the best nut butter around 🙏🏻✨
— @elisabaran (Via Instagram)

Recently found out I was no longer allergic to pecans after 31 yrs of life! IT’S DELICIOUS!
— @meagankong (Via Instagram)

Gavan, I received my Beardy Boys order tonight, an my husband and I decided to try out the the Smash, Spice, and Choco jars. We were blown away!! I had purchased 9 jars thinking I would have a couple for hostess gifts for the holidays, but I’m going to have to order more because ones I received today I dropping off for family and friends to try tomorrow! AMAZING pecan butters, nice work!
— Bridget Plitt (via Facebook)

Yes, my Wednesday was brighter. Why? As the rain pelted my roof and thunder shook the sky, I removed the tape from the Beardy Boys’ package and exposed the 6 Pecan Smash jars — in an instant, the rain stopped, the thunder subsided, and for a few golden moments all was well with the world.

Of course, when Mother Earth discovered that I wasn’t sharing my precious lode with her, all hail broke loose!
— Carol Treacy (via Facebook)

Received my 3 jars today. Just ate half of 1 jar, yes it’s that good. Ideas for recipes are dancing in my head. Thanks for a great product with customer service to match ❤️
— Michelle Weinberg-Astrin (Via Facebook)

Literally mouth watering!!!
— @sohappyyoulikedit (via Instagram)

You guys are the best!!!
— Sam Udell (@wholesam via Instagram)

That SMASH is everything!
— @kalejunkie (via Instagram)

I received my first order last week, I’m in love!
— Dale Crone Crawford (via Facebook)

It will change your life!!!
— Donna Mcpride (via Facebook)

I love your Pecan Butters. My parents moved from Arkansas to California the year I was born, 1953. We had a huge yard with lots of walnut trees. As kids, our chores meant spending a lot of time picking up those walnuts and shelling them. I never really cared for them, but luckily for us my Aunt Vesta in Arkansas would send us pecans every year in exchange for the walnuts. They loved getting the walnuts, and I couldn’t wait until the pecans arrived. I still bake the pecan pies every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving. When I first saw your website, I jumped on the opportunity to try your Pecan Butters. They are delicious and have to say they don’t last long in our house!
— Judy Brumett Killen (via Facebook)

I won their giveaway and received 6 Jars of Pecan Butter. They are all so good! The Pecan Spice is my favorite though :) Thank you again!
— Jessica Miller (via Facebook)

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